CaCoCon (“Ka-Ko-Kahn”)


Come to the 2nd Annual CaCoCon – Pronounced “Ka-Ko-Kahn” – A California Conservative Conference that Works!

The Convention

Nearly every major country in the world has a standing military. Most are not actively at war. Why do they keep them? Because if you do have to go to war you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Politics is war. Be prepared. Go to the California Conservative Conference.

The Reason

California led the country in economics, education, food production, jobs, and standard of living.
However, It is now:
– 43rd in fiscal stability*
– 50th in quality of life*
– 46th in opportunity


The California Conservative Conference is going to prayerfully bring the policies and practices of success back to Sacramento in a bold way. We will Make California Great Again with your help.

The Next Big Thing

The California Conservative Conference

  • The nature of a conservative is to carefully evaluate change and hold onto those methods that have shown success.
  • American success can largely be contributed to it’s conservative roots.
  • 50 states all running concurrent experiments to find out which ones work and share that success with other states.
  • It’s time to come together and reignite the conservative ideals that will make California shine again!